Spank my booty

Spank my booty, come on and spank my booty
Spank my booty, spank my booty real good

Spank, spank, spank, spank
Lords of Acid – Spank my booty

spank my booty

Another day another item from the Kinky Event. This time I choose to make a scene from Come Soon Poses called I show You 02 it is one of the three full scenes that you can get at the Kinky Event. I have several of their full scenes and happily used them in several of my blog posts. Be it wicked, silly, naughty or clean fun…chances are you will find the perfect scene for your picture at Come Soon Poses.

And as much fun as the scene is, just the empty scene can be a bit boring. So enter two sexy models, Anayla and myself. We are both wearing the Elowen set from Wicca’s Wardrobe, Now this amazing sexy set was in a gacha in an event in august…but don’t worry you can still get the outfit, only you will have to hop on over to Wicca’s Wardrobe mainstore and play the gacha there.

For skin we are both using a skin from Nunu’s Skins & Shapes, where Anayla uses the Alor that has been released not too long ago, I am using a brand spanking new skin that has been released a few days ago, named Anna. The level of detail that Nunu always puts in her skins is what has me absolutely fallen in love. Go ahead pick a demo or even send me an IM in world and I can model for you, so you can see for yourself the pores of the skin, how cute the freckles look.

As for the eyes, did you really expect us to wear something else than IKON? Where Anayla uses the Hope Emerald for this shoot I decided to use the Sovereign Chocolate. Both of us also choose to wear a mesh head from Catwa , where Anayla decided to use a static head Nicki I myself choose to use the regular head AnnaGrey. The last thing to mention is the hair, and here we completely differ, both using hair from a different designer. Anayla choose the Tommy from EMO-tions where I revisited an “old” and improved (lower complexity) hairstyle from Rezology, Sky 102


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