What time it is? it is PLAYTIME ok ok I realize it is not the most catching thing I ever wrote here, but if you glance down at the picture I am sure you will understand why I used this title.


You see all those wonderful items at the Kinky Event.t just invite for some serious playtime. There is so much to see in this picture! All items in the scene are from the Kinky Event. We have the Playtime neon sign from Lybra, with just under that the Kinky Toy Shelf also from Lybra. On the other side we have the birch collection of kink from birch.

I have to give a special mention to the Ninette Spanking Chair from Roawenwood, not only does it come with a texture change hud, that allowes you to select 3 different textures for both the back and the seat, but the chair itself is loaded with animations. There are 30 animations for couples and 15 animations for singles. A chair that fits perfectly in any room of your house, and even though some of the menu options are a bit kinky personally I would still consider this chair PG.

Now on to the models! For this shoot I had someone help me out, Anayla is wearing the trinity head from LAQ , like me she is completely addicted to Maitreya so that is the body she uses. And because she can, she is wearing the sexy outfit from Wicca’s Wardrobe the Natane. Like me Anayla loves the eyes from IKONshe uses the Hope Emerald. To finish the look we have the hairstyle Anya from EMO-tions.

Which brings me to your oh so willing victom of this playtime. Again I am wearing a skin from Nunu’s Skins & Shapes is is the Vera in the tone Lumineux. I have not yet changed my head or my eyes, meaning I still happily use the Tumble head from Catwa and the Sovereign Passion from IKON. The hair is from ICONIC and is the Cheyenne style.In this picture I used the Essentials Bombshells pack which gives me 14 different colours!

The outfit I am wearing in this picture is of course also from the Kinky Event and is from [sYs] called Salem body. The last item in the picture is the fun little blindfold from {JAS} named Luna. The blindfold comes with a hud, so you can select 4 different text on it, in two colours. Just a nice little something to finish the look. Oh where you can get the blindfold? As you might have expected… the  Kinky Event.


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