Angel of Kink

In just a few days the Kinky Event will start, what that means is…well as the name suggest an event full of kinky stuff for you to browse and purchase. Of course when people here kinky they inmediately think about sex and/or erotica. But truly that is not -all- that kinky is about.

As a general term, kinky can refer to anything that is far-out, quirky, or offbeat. More specifically, this is a sexual term for acts that are a little odd, such as a foot fetish. There’s also kinky hair: hair with tight curls that is also called crisp, frizzy, and nappy. There’s isn’t any connection between kinky hair and the first two meanings of kinky. Words just mean different things, and no one knows exactly why.


So now we are clearer about the word kinky…that is what you can expect to find at the event, fair-out, offbeat, quirky and yes even fizzy hair! Now honestly, unless this is the first time you seen a picture of me or read my blog….can it surprise anyone that I chose the erotic meaning of Kinky for my first picture of this event?

To start nice and slow, we start with the pose is from Real Poses, Pack 19 to be exact which is of course available at the Kinky Event. In this pack you will find 5 poses, and believe me this is a set you will definitely want for your collection.

The skin I am using is one you definite have seen before, it is the Vera in tone Lumineuxx from Nunu’s Skins & Shapes. But the big difference from the previous time I blogged this skin is this…….you can actually buy it now, yep that is right the skin has been released!

Now if we go from top to bottom I have to of course mention the new hair I just bought today from EXxEsS I just love how the hair flows, how it has that little breeze effect that makes your hair come alive. But of course no matter how pretty the hair is, we do not want floating hair, so I am once again using the Tumble head from Catwa.

Next thing we see is the blindfold, the Cup of Tears from Le Grinch, whom I am very proud to say decided to sponsor me. It are actually the items from Le Gtinch in this picture that inspired the entire theme of the picture. Le Grinch provided the kink for this picture, with the Pendulum Piercings the Wings Choker and the blindfold that I mentioned earlier.

My Angel of Kink is all but complete now, just one item is left…something every Angel needs to have….or strives to gain. You guessed it, my wings. For this picture I used the Wisdom Angel wings from Astralia, who were a rare prize from a gacha.


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