Golden Girl

No I am not Blanche, Dorothy, Sophia or even Rose but still right now I consider myself a Golden Girl. Of course as soon as you glance at the picture you can see why I call myself that right now.

Golden Girl

The gorgeous outfit that I am wearing is from Promagic, it used to be on a fair..used to be as in the fair closed now. But no worries, I just chekced their mainstore and the gacha has moved from the fair to there. So if you are interested in getting this outfit, all you need to do is head over and play the Slutty – gacha.

For the skin I been a bit naughty, I “liberated” a work in progress from Nunu’s Skins & Shapes a skin she is working hard on and will be released soon called Anna. But no worries even though you cannot get this wonderful skin yet, I encourage you to head on over to her store and go look at her skin Vera. You can see in my previous posts how amazing that skin looks.

I have said it before the combination of Nunu’s Skins & Shapes and Catwa is a match made in heaven. See how I did that, how I sneakily went from talking about the skin to the mesh head  I am using?! The head I am wearing currently is one of the latest ones from Catwa it is the AnnaGrey.

Of course when I set out to make this picture it was a perfect excuse for me to go shopping again, and I once again found myself at EXxEsS and bought a new hairstyle there. Well at least a new one for me the Celina. Almost having my look ready for the picture I had in mine, just a few things are missing.

There is of course the mesh body, and as always I use the Maitreya body here, last thing to do and that is select what eyes from IKON to use this time. After trying on several eyes I settled for the Sovereign Passion.

All set to go there is just one more thing, a good scene a nice surrounding to make the picture. And since I was feeling a little wicked there was really one place that came to mind, and that was the wonderful sim Serein. Please visit this sim, wander and explore, discover the different photo opportunities, all the hidden spots both sweet and naughty. Then grab yout significant other(s) and go and “relax” in the Serein Club.

Here I almost ended my post, and once more forgetting a very important aspect of the picture I was making, and that is the light. The lightning in this picture is due to LUMIpro, a lighting system that I think is a necesity for everyone that is into making SL pictures.


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