There are still a few days left where you can go to The Book of Daniel fundraiser event, in case you are not aware what this fundraiser is all about, the SLenquirer has an article about it that will tell you all you need to know.


One of the 124 designers that are present at this fundraiser is [~Sahara’S~] Lehna released the dres that you see on the above picture just for this event, the name of the dress is also the name of todays post….Dana.

My hard working friend Nunu released her latest skin Vera late yesterday (well late for us europeans) and for this picture I am using the tone nuit. At the very least each and every one of you should head over to Nunu’s Skins & Shapes and grab the demo’s from all the skintones. Take them home, try them on and I guarantee you will be right back to buy one or more tones of Vera.

Today I am using one of the latest hairstyles from Rezology, Butterfly 091 and yes you see it right, no red head, no blonde this time, but I actually use brown hair! Now as you might have come to expect from me, I am using once again the Tumble head from Catwa. I know I know you have seen me use this head so often, you might start to think it is the only one I have, but nothing father from the truth, I just so love the look.

It is just as with the mesh body (in my case Maitreya) or my mesh eyes from IKON (Sovereign Field) parts of my look that I use every day that it is easy to forget to mention them in this blog.


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