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As I mentioned a few days ago, the We❤ RP fair is full of amazing goodies and I definite intend to show several of them off. Here is my second post about this amazing fair, and all I can say….it is a good thing it is still warm here.

Alor all over

As far as the outfit goes, the shash is from caboodle and comes in two versions. One version is the more modest version that has your bum covered as well. And yes you guessed it, there is a version of the shash that leaves your bum bare. Which one of the two I am wearing in this picture??? I will never tell!

Of course I could not resist to once more wear a tattoo, this time it is one from Carol G. that is avialable at Crossroads. The name of the tattoo is Poem Butterflies and I think it is very abtly named, the tattoo does look very delicate and is just perfect.

Now this picture was actually made before my previous post, so even though the head I am wearing is (of course) one of Catwa for this picture I am using one of her latest (full heads) the AnnaGrey. It stands to reason that as far as skin goes I just -had- to use Alor again from Nunu’s Skins & Shapes I mean, how can I resist using a gorgeous skin that is named after me?! But rest assured as soon as Nunu release yet another skin, you will definite see it on me.

This time I picked one of the latest releases from Rezology, and to be exact Sky 102. And honestly with so many hairstyle and so many new ones getting released all the time, it is hard to imagine that you will be unable to find a hair for any occasion at their store..go ahead I challenge you!

And as you might have come to expect from me as mesh body I use Maitreya and eyes are from IKON in this case Triumph Midnight. I know I know, it seems I always use the same eyes in my pictures and that has a very simple reason. Sure I have eyes from other makers…but I simply love my IKON eyes!

The same goes for my Maitreya body, I simply love it, and it feels right. Now mind you I definite would not be opposed to Maitreya coming out with a more curvy body!!

Well that’s it for now, next post you can expect to see some things from a wonderful charity event called Spoonful of Sugar.


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