Nu’s Muse

Early today i was relaxing with my dear friend Nunu from Nunu’s Skins & Shapes and of course discussing the different outfits and what gacha items we still needed. After being added to group so I could rezz a few items, I noticed the name of the role Nu’s Muse.

Nu's Muse

Now I am not quite sure if muse is the first thing that came to my mind. But hey….succubus or muse…sides of the same coin. As for the skin, you might have guessed it, I use a skin from Nunu’s Skins & Shapes called Evike Morning Haze.

As for my head I went back to my by now rapidly growing supply of Catwa heads, going back and forth trying on different heads (and loving them all) I finally was able to decide and picked the Destiny for this picture.

One of the things you might notice is the amazing fantasy outfit from Astralia, this outfit called muerte was on a gacha event and I sadly missed it. But as so often, good things come to those that wait patiently, and as you can see I finally got the outfit…blessed be MarketPlace.

And as pretty as my head is, I still decided to add a little something, we of course have the hair by EXxEsS called Zora, and the horns that I am wearing are actually part of a set of hair from Truth namely Neria. I simply choose to only wear the horns, but believe me the hair itself is gorgeous as well.

In this picture I use two tattoos both are from [White~Widow] on my face we have the Couture which is available at Cosmopolitan. The tattoo comes in five colours and is for Catwa, Eve, Slink, LeLutka,Genesis. The second tattoo I am using is called Cosmopolitan bday and as you might have guessed from the name it is the free gift at Cosmopolitan.

Now making this picture would not have been possible without the wonderful and amazing photography hud from LUMIpro, if you enjoy making pictures within SecondLife this hud is definite something you want to give a try. And that is exactly what you can do on their main sim.

Ooooooh I almost closed this post without mentioning the eyes from IKON, I wanted some eyes that would look wicked….a bit demonic. IKON is one of those places I can spend hours just pondering what eyes to get….soooo many choices and all with such eye (all pun intended) for detail. In this picture I use Immortal Eyes – Crimson.


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