This better not be a rattata!

I will gladly admit it I love playing pokemon go and where some might think it is silly, what is silly about walking around in the fresh air be social in a group and throwing balls at strange critters?

It better not be a rattata

As you can tell from the picture (well I hope you can) it was indeed the game pokemon go that has been the inspiration for this picture. As part of the game, you have to walk (shudders yes I know a game that requires to be active) in order to hatch an egg. Now since I am a greedly lil wench….I want the biggest and the baddest pokemon there is.

I kinda got my wish… I got the egg…now I just have to figure out how to walk with it, but one thing I know for sure “This better not be a rattata!”.

Aloriana is wearin:
Mesh body – Maitreya – Lara
Mesh Head – Catwa – Bibi
Shape –  Custom made by Nunu’s Skins & Shapes
Head applier – DeeTaleZ– Ronda Mixedtype @ Uber
Body applier – DeeTaleZ– Mixedtype
Eyes –  IKON – Sovereign Passion
Hair – Pr!tty – Koko
Outfit – DeadDollz – Roz Outfit @ Shiny Shabby
Prop – BodyLanguage – SLC “My Egg” Tamago Seat


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