Wandering beauty

One thing that is so enjoyable within SecondLife is to wander and explore, to be amazed by the creativity of people, the generousity of people when they open their homes to us to explore and enjoy. One of the sims I enjoy visiting regularily for these reasons is The Outer Garden.

Wandering Beauty

So I was very happy to see that the sim has changed again, new areas to explore and admire, and admire I did, so much that I almost forgot to make the picture you just saw.

The hair I am wearing in this picture is once again from Rezology this time I am using the style called Naomi. For the skin both the appliers for my Maitreya body as well as for the Dyana head from Catwa, I used an old favorite of mine from DeeTaleZ, the Fonda head applier in the tone european and of course I used the same tone for my  body.

The jewel of this picture, has to be the gorgeous gown Sofia from Azul, and as good as I think this picture turned out to be, it so does not do the gown just. Due to the combination of mesh and flexi….the gown flows absolutely beautifully around you when you walk or dance.

As usual I am using the eyes from IKON. the nymph to be exact, and yes I know I use these eyes in about every picture I have taken in quite some time, but that is simply because I love them  so very much!


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