It has been a long time since I named a post after the clothes I am wearing, but since I am drawing a blank…and hey admit…Natane does sound exotic. And well to be honest considering all that I am showing in this picture, I do think an exotic name is what is required.


There is so much new to mention here, we start with a new hair from Rezology, called Butterfly 141, the name alone should give you a nice indication of how many different hairstyles you can find at Rezology. If you go there, and are unable to find a hairstyle that you like….then really you deserve to go around bald!.

The next item you simply cannot miss, is a new skin from Nunu’s Skins & Shapes, and no this time I am not merely teasing with a pre-release but this gorgeous fantasy themed skin is available in her store right now. Just look for Evike Spring Meadow.

If we continue admiring me, we find a new outfit from  Wicca’s Wardrobe that is for sale right now at The Fantasy Colelctive, and as you guessed, the name of the outfit is Natane. The out fit consists out of two. well make that three parts, the top, the skirt and some extra’s for the top. As usual. you will find the outfit for Beleza, Maitreya, Slink (physique and hourglass) in the package.

To complement the outfit, I wiggled in a harness from Real Evil, this harness Cora has been released some time ago, and as you see right here it combines perfectly with other outfits in the same style. It is definite a must have in any wardrobe, perfectly suited for a fantasy look or even something more wicked.

Now as I said the outfit in this picture can be found at The Fantasy Colelctive so I decided to look there and see wat else I could find to compliment my look. And I did not have to wander around for a long time when I found the perfect item for my legs, a beautiful tribal look from Storybook called savage

And last but most certainly not least we come to the items that I always wear, and without these I will be truly naked. The wonderful mesh head Dyana from Catwa, my mesh body from Maitreyaand of course the mesh eyes from IKON.


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