Being lazy (and loving it)

Pfew all those wonderful fairs to visit, all those goodies to buy. Shopping is tiring work! So no wonder that at times a girl just wants some down time, find a nice quiet place and relax for a little.

Being lazy (and loving it)

And that is just what I did at the wonderful sim Luane’s Magical World. Now before you make a mad dash to go and wander there (which I can only recommend) allow me to tell you a bit about what I am wearing. The skin is something that my lovely friend Nũɾąý from Nunu’s Skins & Shapes is currently working on, she will release it shortly. But I snuck into her workshop and ran off with one.

The wonderful tattoo you can admire is from [White~Widow] and is from the latest MadPea Hunt, The Lost Treasure of the Inca Warrior. If you love hunts or hate them, the MadPea hunts are legendary and are a guarantee for hours of fun. I can only encourage you to do them…..the rewards are great (as this picture shows) but the FUN you will have……

By now I am very sure that the lovely people of Wicca’s Wardrobe just do their best to get me out of whatever I am wearing. Why else would they continue making these incredible sexy outfits. *eyes Wicca and Redclaw*. This lingerie set that I am wearing here is just perfect in is simplicity yet so sweet and teasing. And where else can you expect to find it than The Fetish Fair.

To complete my look I am using some wonderful boots from Reign, no hassle with having to buy 3000 of the same boot just to get some colours…a nice handy dandy hud and I am good to go, changing boots with the press of a button. Last but certainly not least, the gorgeous hair from EXxEsS forming such a beautiful contrast, with the eyes from IKON, don’t they just pop?

Even though Catwa just released another wonderful mesh head, I was able to restrain myself (for now) and did not (yet) get it. I could sing praise her about the heads, the level of detail, the different looks. But I will just let the picture speak for itself *smiles*. In case you are wondering, the head that I used for this picture is the Dyana.

Usually I end the post with a list of what all I am wearing in the picture and all that stuff *looks up* but I do think I have all bases covered!


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