Going for a walk

Going for a walk

First thing I see when I log on this morning, is a lot -A LOT- of blue cubes littered all over my land. You guessed it some 3 day old thought they were being funny. So after first securing my land I went for a walk *smiles* just the real me to cool down, then the pixel me, walking and exploring in SL can be so wonderful.

During this walk I encountered a wonderful sim Luane’s Magic World , where I spend some time exploring and eventually made the picture you have seen.It is most definite a place worth visiting, exploring and enjoying!

As far as the picture goes, as you might expect I am wearing some items that are available right now at different events. There is the new hairstyle fro Pr!tty, Karla is such a creative person, new hairstyles being released all the time, that is when she is not working hard on her trees *smiles*

The outfit that I am wearing is from Sahara’s and it is just perfect for a nice sunny day, light flowery and playful.

Aloriana is wearing:
Mesh body – Maitreya – Lara
Mesh Head – Catwa – Amelie
Shape –  Custom made by EngelDesigns Resident (shop coming soon)
Head applier – Nunu’s Skins & Shapes – Chloe Tone Cachet
Body applier – Nunu’s Skins & Shapes – Chloe Tone Cachet
Eyes –  IKON – Triumph Nymph
Hair – Pr!tty – Gemma @ TCF
Outfit – Sahara’s – Nora White Pinks (ultrarare) @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival


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