Pick that flower, I dare you

One of the fun thing as a blogger is that thanks to the wonderful creators within SL you end up with lots of things to combine and have fun with. And that is what I have done in the following picture.

Pick that flower, I dare you

As you must know by now the current round of Enchantmentt has as theme Thumbellina, and of course that is once again the theme of the picture I made. As you can see my litte fae is armed and dangerous, so be very weary about which flowers you are going to pick!

The prop that my little fae is sitting on is the hunt gift from Roquai, and it of course is a perfect match for the Thumbellina flowers that I blogged yesterday.

Aloriana is wearing:
Outfit (complete) – Poisoned Diamond – Thumbie Fairie @ Enchantment
Prop – Roquai – Thumbellina (hunt gift) @ Enchantment
Scene – Come Soon – Little Fay Pose


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